Friday, November 6, 2009

The Naked Cow art prize - (name and concept courtesy Wendy Olsen)

The Stefan Maguran Gallery announces the Naked Cow art prize 2010.
Here's form the author of the concept, Wendy:"...we were all asked to come up with a catchy title to draw interest in an exhibition... I drew attention to my ideas with the naked cow... I had to explain why that name... It was basically because it would draw attention... people would think they are going to see some flesh... but in reality, art is the artist stripped bare, but in a different way! Soooo the concept came about."

The Stefan Maguran art space announces the Naked Cow art prize - November 2010 - acquisitive (name suggested by Wendy Olsen). Total prize: $1500. All works must address the theme in the title. Max 30 x 40 x 5 cm Oils or acrylics on canvas only. Entries - maximum three per artist $20 per entry. The winner artwork will be featured as the logo for the prize in the future.